MagicEzy Hairline Fix is a gloss, colored, one part, nano binder and sealant that fills and seals damage at both a structural and cosmetic level easily.
Unlike conventional sealants, MagicEzy Hairline Fix has a structural grade adhesion combined with excellent flexibility to provide a long-lasting repair.

Key features:

  • Gloss finish

  • Fixes and colors in one application

  •  Penetrates deeply into very fine cracks

  • Helps prevent cracks from spreading

  • Rubber like flexibility for long-lasting repairs

  • Perfect for gelcoat crazing, hairline cracks, non-skid deck areas, and fine scratches

  • Use it on fiberglass gelcoat, wood, ceramic, plastic* or aluminum*

  • Can be drilled and sanded

Where can it be used?

  • Fiberglass surfaces including boats, surfboards and jetskis

  • Ceramics

  • Plastic*

  • Aluminum*

  • Wood

*For plastic or aluminium surfaces, prepare the surface using MagicEzy Mega Fusion first.

What type of damage can it repair?

hairline2 hairline

  • Hairline cracks

  • Stress cracks

  • Gelcoat crazing

Product suitability:

  • Volume: .45 fl oz/ 13ml tube.

  • Water resistant: For ‘above the waterline’ use.

  • Water soluble

  • Do not use below 10 degrees C / 50 degrees F

  • Suited for interior / exterior use

  • Available in multiple colors (colors can be mixed to produce 100′s more)

  • Use as a glassy, gloss top coat on 9 Second Chip Fix ™ repairs

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Results Guaranteed:

3 Year Repair Guarantee
We GUARANTEE that when applied correctly, MagicEzy Hairline Fix will last for at least 3 years or your money back.
medal-sml 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If you aren’t delighted with the results, simply return the tube to the place of purchase within 30 days and receive a full refund.

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